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About us

From Saha Tours, we organized tourist or adventure routes all over Morocco, to show their cities, towns and landscapes, to everyone who feels attracted to visit this country. With us, not only will visit places with delight, but also, will know and learn of the different cultures mainly Arabic and the Berber live together.

Our personalized routes will allow you to travel in a different way, without haste and in small groups (friends, family, couple…) with calm and confidence to travel at your own pace, without relying on a group or conditioning by planning a trip that does not take into account your interests. This is your trip.

We organize the routes from the place of arrival, adapting to your requests (duration of the trip, tourist concerns and/or cultural, your tastes and economic possibilities ...)

We offer fixed routes so can get a rough idea of your trip, but we are always open to your ideas and proposals.

SahaTours, we are specialists organizing routes through the desert, with 4x4 vehicles facilitating the slopes access, to the less touristic and more authentic places, to enjoy the convenience and comfort of its benefits. With dromedaries excursions until reach the camps located in the middle of the dunes and be able to enjoy a night under the stars. Visiting Berber families, sharing their lifestyle, and customs. With walking excursions reaching the oasis frequented by nomads, filled with coconut trees, and vegetation.

We also offer routes by the first Moroccan imperial cities, the oasis paths and thousand kasbahs, as well as the possibility of touring its beaches, valleys, hills and mountains and to admire the beauty of its landscapes with cultural activities.

We have a professional team of local drivers and guides who will accompany during the tour, to provide the best service and quality, as well as the exclusive availability to everything needed in every moment. All of them have an extensive experience in the tourism sector, both in driving and dealing with visitors

If have a short time, we propose alternative trips of short duration (1, 2 or 3 days) from any place or city: Marrakech, Casablanca, FES...

We have a thousand ideas to make your trip an extraordinary experience, either on vacation, Easter or Christmas.

"Would you like to celebrate a different year end?" Morocco is the destination to make it a reality... even we can organize the best birthday never dreamed.

"Would you like to spend your honeymoon surrounded by magic?" Morocco is the ideal place to do this, can combine relaxation and culture, with adventure.

Whatever it is, if want to break away from the routine and stress of big cities, can relax and make a break in your busy life, we will help to make it.

At any time of the year and the excuse are good to enjoy the wonders of the magic Morocco... Do not expect to tell about it. Come, and tell about it!