Desert code of ethics - Sahatours

Ethical Code of the desert


Welcome to the desert 

Your visit is very beneficial for our families because it provides economy, work and knowledge of new cultures and helps to improve our community.


- Thanks for respecting our environment.
-  If are traveling in 4X4 or Quads to the desert respects our dunes and palm trees taking into account our flora and fauna in addition, the possible noise that you can make. Nomads inhabit them.
- Thanks for knowing our culture, valuing it and respecting it.
- Thanks for purchasing our traditional products since it contributes income to our families.
- If are bringing your school materials, clothing or medicines leave it in associations and clinics for a fair division between the communities.
- To reduce the consumption of water for personal use.
- Do not throw trash in public places; we do not have a good garbage management.
- Drive at moderate speed: through the villages and over water channels.
- Prevents give alms and candy to children, contributing to a child completes his school cycle.