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Essaouira (eng)


Essaouira port city on the Atlantic coast, called Amogdul (well kept) in the Berber language, surely to be as well protected thanks to its long city walls. . Its medina is a UNESCO World Heritage. Strolling through the endless white streets transports to another time in a scene where nothing has changed. Walking we find the ancient Portuguese cannons lined up in battery facing the Atlantic Ocean. Its city walls protected the Corsairs of the sultan Sidi Mohamed Ben Abbey and Orson Wells later used them as a scenario to film his movie “Othello”.

Do not miss to visit its old port known for its abundant fishing of sardine. The predominant color of this port is blue because it is assumed that fishermen know well what shades of blue are better to attract the sardines, and so to improve the day fisheries. Apart from the utility given to the blue color, it should be noted that color gives a very relaxing and spiritual aspect to this landscape.

In addition, Essaouira, is being consolidated as an important place where sports such as windsurfing, kite surfing or kayaks.


Pick up at hotel/riad to 8:30 h

During the journey, will stop to visit a women's cooperative that work different products from the almond fruit as the Argan oil.

Free 5 hours city tour.

Back to Marrakech to 7: 30 pm