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During the guided tour of the Imperial city of Fez, we will visit the most important alleys of Fez el-Bali. The Old Medina dates back to the VIII century and comprise more than 300 neighborhoods and 9,000 alleys, forming a network of streets in which only the fesies know directions.

Some of the places that we revisit during the visit are:

Andalusian district

Andalusian District of FES is located in the Medina of Fez el-Bali and was born at the beginning of the IX century due to the strong emigration of thousands of Muslim families living in the South of Spain. The Andalusian Bank is characterized by the originality of their religious buildings and craft activities of its inhabitants. One of the most important places of the area of Andalusia is the Andalusian mosque, built between the years 859 and 860, characterized by its striking green and white minaret.

Quarter Jew of Fez (Mellah)

Located in the heart of the Medina of FES el-Jdid, next to the Royal Palace, 'the Mellah' is one of the most traditional and ancient Fez areas. For centuries it was the residence of the Jewish community.

Royal Palace of Fes 

Built in the XIV century is one of the largest and most ancient of Morocco. The huge bronze doors are framed by thousands of small ceramic tiles, with the predominant colors of blue and green Fez of Islam, which make up various geometric shapes.


The tanneries compose one of the most picturesque landscapes in the pair that smells of the city. In them, an infinite number of mass graves filled with natural dyes make up a colorful landscape while is responsible for the production of leather and coloring of the lamb, the ox, the goat and the camel. The tanneries are surrounded by shops with terraces from which you can observe the hard work of the artisans.

Karaouine Mosque 

Built in the year 859 under the mandate of Fatima to Fihriya, the Karaouine Mosque, also known as al Qarawiyyin, is one of the greatest architectural complexes of Fez. The mosque, in continuous expansion process for its construction, is known for hosting the world's oldest university, which comprises one of the most important centers of Islamic learning.

The Bab Bou Jeloud door

The Door Bab Bou Jeloud is the main access to the Medina Fez the Bali, the oldest zone and with more charm of the city. 

Mulay Idrís's mausoleum 

The Mausoleum (Zaouia) of Mulay Idrís II is a sanctuary dedicated to who was king of Morocco between the years 807 and 828 and founder of the city for the second time in the year 810. Mulay Idrís, boss of the city of Fez, is the saint most venerated of the whole country and count each other for thousands the Muslims who visit the mausoleum to obtain his benediction.

Seffarine Square 

The Seffarine Square is a small square placed in the heart of the Medina Fez the Bali, between the souk of the dyers and the tanners, where one of the most ancient remains trades of Fez, the craftsmen tinkers. Although the square is known especially by the trade carried out there, you can discover some prestigious monuments as the Library Karaouine and the Over-affectionate mother Seffarine.

Medersa Attarine

Built between 1323 and 1325 under the order of the Sultan Abu Said, the Medersa Attarine was once of the principal Koranic schools where the students could reside during his studies. 

The different souks of Fez

The souks of Fez are part of the mysterious charm of the city, spreading along the intricate alleys grouped in different unions.



Departure from your hotel / riad around 9:30 pm

Duration: 4 hours or, if desired, can be done the visit whole day, with a lunch break