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General information

How to come:


There are a lot of direct flights, some at amazing prices. Now with low-cost airlines, can buy cheap flight deals from any city around the globe.

Passport and visas:

Visitors from European Union do not require visas, but their valid passport is necessary.  The passport must be in force and with an expiration date greater than 6 months.  Citizens of other countries should contact the nearest Morocco Embassy to find out if they need a visa to enter Morocco.


The climate is typically Mediterranean, ranging from 12 ° C in winter to 25 ° C in summer, but like its geography, the climate varies as being on the coast, mountains or desert. In summer, during the day the temperature inside can exceed 40 degrees but at night luckily much lower.




The international telephone code for Morocco is 212


Arabic and Berber, but with tourism is common to find people who speak other languages, such as the Spanish, French, English and Italian.


The currency called Dirham.

Today, "10 dh" equals €1 Approx.

Can change money in the Exchange offices, banks, or the hotel reception.

The Haggling:

Bargaining is an essential part of the Moroccan life and used especially in the souks. Not hurry, once started haggling, have to be tasted and eating it with a lot of sense of humor. Shame on the bargaining better leaves it to one side. Patience started haggling, have to taste it and take it with a great sense of humor. Shame on the bargain better leaves it aside. 


Moroccan food is delicious and varied. Cuisine can be tasted in luxurious restaurants, street stalls or small café-restaurants dotted around any town or city. Traditional Moroccan dishes are COUSCOUS, TAGINE, BROCHETTES, HARIRA, MÉCHOUI, among others, not forgetting the superb pastries, sweets made with almonds and honey, horns of Gazelle, feqqas, ghoriba... that will delight for your palate to after eating, or drinking at any time, nothing better than a mint tea, symbol as well as hospitality offered to visitors.

Drinking the water:

We recommend drinking it always bottled mineral.


What is Ramadan?

Every Muslim must comply on the year the Ramadan month, which is the ninth month of the lunar year. Both men and women make fasting, do not smoke and do not have sexual intercourse since sunrise to sunset. The only exceptions are the sick, children, pregnant women and travelers. The Ramadan lasts 29 days approximately, but nobody knows with accuracy when it begins and when it finishes until it decides the religious leader of the nearest mosque

Useful, practical advice:

When preparing the suitcase, let's recommend filling it with clothes and comfortable footwear, particularly if are going to go deep in the desert areas.  There, the heat can be swelteringly hot, so best to use cotton clothes.

In winter nighttime, temperatures fall significantly, ideally, have a good jacket style anorak and warm clothing.

The rest of the year, especially in the inland mountains and the desert, the nights are often cold; so do not forget to take a jacket or sweatshirt.

Do not forget the cream of high sun protection, sunglasses and a hat or scarf to protect your head.

We also recommend taking your own bottle with shampoo and shower gel, on a lot of hotels, even of luxury, all they offer is the classic white soap.

If think will need to dry your hair, we recommend taking your own dryer because it is not common to find one in the hotels.

Some baby wipes and packets of tissues will come very well after every meal and when have to use some public toilets.Antibiotics and medicines are more expensive than in Europe, so is better preparing a small bag with some of them, such as antidiarrheal, acetaminophen, mosquito repellent, bandages, etc.