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Why Moroccan?

Why Moroccan?

Travel to Morocco will not disappoint any traveler, for the most adventurous as who enjoy strolling through markets and visiting its monuments.

Saha Tours invites to discover a legendary country, close and distant at the time. Its people are the best of the country. The streets flooded with life at nightfall, and one of the best sensations that can take is the life that splurges its population.  There’s nothing like a cup of tea and watching the crowd. If we have to define Moroccans characteristics with two words, we could say friendliness and service.

Morocco is also color, a wonderful place of contrasts that it would be hard to find in western countries.




Marrakech, Rabat, Fez, Meknes are cities that they have of everything, having been in some moment of history, the capital of Morocco.

These cities with palaces, mosques and museums, offer a unique insight into the history of Morocco.




To the south of the Anti-Atlas Mountains, is the Sahara desert, which can explore in 4 ×4 or dromedary.

With routes in 4x4, will enjoy sand roads through desert villages while a walk in Dromedary, being slower ride, would appreciate more details of the desert.

Perfect, if decide to spend the night in the desert in a Berber camp and sleep under a wide starred sky, and wake up in the morning to contemplate a dawn that will remain recorded in your memory forever.


Impressive rocky sceneries surround Morocco; the mountain range of the Atlas crosses the center of the country while the mountains of the Rif spread up to the north coast.


One of the reasons to choose Morocco as a destination can be its fantastic beaches.

Can choose between a great variety of coasts in the Atlantic or the Mediterranean beaches.

Can choose: for resorts such as Agadir, Essaouira and Casablanca, or quieter places as Asilah and Oualidia.



Hotels and Riads

The riads are cozy and luxurious traditional houses with outdoor gardens in the center. Many of them have a swimming pool, sauna, meeting rooms and other services that will make feel to the traveler as a King.


Will enjoy the delicious Moroccan cuisine: to highlight the delicious Tagine, a stew with lamb, chicken or fish; being the Couscous dish also very popular.


Casablanca, Marrakesh, Fez and Tangier are the most popular places in the country to go shopping.

The souks filled with pottery, leather goods, slippers, baskets, rugs and jewelry.

Negotiations with the owner of the store or the craftsman is not only accepted, but expected in Morocco (haggling)

Go shopping in any city or town of Morocco is a unique experience that it might be worth experimenting.


Culture and traditions

Morocco is a country rich in culture and traditions. Each region has its own characteristics, contributing to the national culture, the protection of the diversity and the preservation of cultural heritage while respecting their differences.

The two majority ethnic groups are the Arab and Berber (imazigh); both differentiated among themselves by having a language, culture, customs and different traditions. Arab identity often linked to large cities while the Berber culture focuses on rural areas and has ancestral reminiscences.


Morocco is a world to a single step and always close at any time of the year.